Project Highlights

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Problem Solve, Maintain, Plan, Expand

As a consultant at Burger King World Headquarters, in just 3 months I,
“solved 5 problems no one else had solved in 5 years,”  I was told by the Data Systems Manager who also said, “I've never seen better business communications.”
I was hired on direct and served as Oracle Database Administrator for Data Warehousing, SQL Server Administration, Informatica reporting system implementation, and Disaster Recovery Planning.

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Analyze, Specify, Design, Implement

Hired directly by HIP Health Plans of New York Marketing Department Call Center, I innovated technology for 100 telephone sales representatives.

I single-handedly evaluated, specified, developed and implemented the department's 1st Intranet,

taking the department paperless.
I proposed and managed an intra-departmental initiative for the production of hundreds of PDF benefit summaries that reps accessed by drilling-down in our newly implemented Oracle Database backed Intranet.

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Manage, Build, Extract, Transform, and Load

Extensive experience analyzing a vast array of data sources, writing code and building processes to bring data into conformity with high integrity rules of destination data stores. For example, subcontract for Fortune 500 companies, I've managed the digitization of electronic schematics to feed digital circuit connection data to NC machines to wire prototypes to military specifications. Updated with engineering revisions, the data was then migrated to CAD workstations for the design and mass production of printed circuit boards. I've also managed the daily receipt of point-of-sale data from 10,000 restaurants for the processing of mission critical sales reports for executive management on a daily basis.

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Active Listening, Effective Communications

I lived in Taiwan ten years teaching English as a Second Language. I marketed my services privately and won contract instructor positions. My clientèle included business people, doctors, hospital administrators, medical personnel, and students of all ages. I wrote the syllabus, “Effective English 4 Engineering Education” used to train professors, fulfilling the Taiwanese government's mandate that university engineering classes be taught in English.
My verbal and written business communication skills have been honed and sharpened over ten dedicated years.   Also fluent in conversational Mandarin Chinese.

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